Photo: Ryan Vaarsi | CC BY 2.0 (cropped)

Combined Cycle Clean Power

Aging, inefficient, high-cost production, and high-carbon emissions coal and gas-fired plants in the U.S. will continue to be replaced with efficient natural gas-fueled power-generation equipment. These next-generation, cleaner-burning, more-efficient natural gas turbines offer cost advantages, with around 180 percent more power than displaced coal plant and a 7,000 heat rate vs. 10,000 for coal, and up to 70 percent carbon reduction and up to 90 percent NOx and SOx reduction per MW/hour of energy produced.

There has been significant under-investment in U.S. power generation over past 10 years and 100 GW coal generation is expected to retire by 2020.

Data according to US Energy Information Administration and the Brattle Group. Information is current as of January 2017 and subject to change.

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